1. 2020

      As of Dec.Number of Staffs 72

      Shareholder’s Equity 67.5 billion won

      Total AUM 9.8 trillion won

      Paid-in Capital 38.9 billion won

    1. 2016

      Apr 15.Company name changed to "Multi Asset Global Investments"

      Apr 07.Mirae AssetGlobal Investments acquired major stakes of equity

    1. 2014

      Dec 31.KDB became the solo shareholder

    2. 2011

      apr 05.KDB FinancialGroup became the solo shareholder

    3. 2010

      apr 30.QFII fund launching

      dec 06.Handling advisory-lab business

    4. 2009

      nov 30.Global Investment Performance Standards(GIPS) introduced

      09.China QFII Quarter license obtained

      oct 28.KDB Financial Group became the major shareholder

      jun 04.Awarded “2008 Best Revolutionary Production and Management”
      by Seoul Economy

      feb 17.Awarded “2008 Korea Funds Special Award” by Maeil Business and ZEROIN

      jan 12.Total AUM reached 16 trillion Won

    5. 2008

      nov 10.Licensed as Financial Investment Manager

      sep 22.Awarded “Structured Products Asia Awards 2008”
      by Structured Products Journal

      aug 19.Business agreement with “Korea Asset Investment Trust”

      feb 19.Business cooperation with “CIMB Asset Management

    6. 2007

      aug 06.Business cooperation with “Itau Asset Management

      jul 10.Selected as “Best Asset Management - Bond Category” by Chosun Daily

      mar 29.Business cooperation with “Standard & Poors

      20.Total AUM reached 5 trillion Won

      jan 31.“Best Customer Satisfaction” Awarded by Herald Business

    7. 2006

      jan 11.Direct sales business introduced

    8. 2003

      jun 10.MMF AUM reached 1 trillion won

    9. 2002

      jan 28.Awarded “Best Fund Management Company” by Hankyung Business and Lipper Korea

      16.Awarded “Best Fund of Korea” by Maeil Business Daily and ZEROIN

    10. 2001

      dec 26.Awarded “Best Fund Manager” by Naeway Daily

      apr 23.Consignment of trust accounting services

    11. 2000

      jan 11.Daewoo Securities became the major shareholder

    12. MORE


      • 1999

        jan 18.Total AUM reached 15 trillion won

      • 1998

        dec 31.Registered as Asset Management Business

      • 1997

        may 20.Registered as Discretionary Investment Advisor

        06.Registered as Non-Discretionary Investment Advisor

      • 1996

        jul 01.Licensed as Investment Trust Manager

        may 13.Established as “Seoul Investment Trust

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