Our Shareholders

Mirae Asset Global Investments

Delivering innovative investment solutions

Mirae Asset Global Investments was founded in Asia and now has a global presence, where we take a collaborative approach in
managing a fully diversified investment platform.

Powered by a unique perspective and the expertise of our global investment professionals, we adapt to our clients’ evolving needs,
providing them with innovative investments solutions and intelligent ways to achieve their investment objectives.

We currently invest over $135bn on behalf of clients, giving us the scale and experience to identify opportunities in a
changing world (AUM as of September 2019).


As a global financial group, we pursue excellence in investment management to help our clients
achieve their long-term objectives.

  • Permanent Innovator

    Identifying investment opportunities and
    preparing for the future is a concern we
    share with our clients. Conscious of these
    challenges, we strive to be a permanent
    innovator for investors.

  • Global Scope

    Our offices are strategically positioned in 12
    countries, where our vigorous, team-based
    approach ensures consistency and continuity
    in delivering innovative investment solutions
    and services to clients in over 40 countries.

  • Diversified Platform

    Mirae Asset Global Investments’s integrated
    investment platform and expertise provide
    clients with a full range of progressive
    solutions across the active, passive and
    alternative investment universes.

Business Philosophy

We value our people and
embrace the future with an open mind.

Core Values

  • Clients First

    Our clients’ success is paramount – their success is our
    success. We build and nurture long-term relationships
    with our clients by using our proven investment

  • Objectivity

    We assess every investment opportunity objectively and
    with total impartiality. Our independence sets us apart
    and helps ensure that our decisions are aligned with
    the needs of our clients.

  • Teamwork

    Mirae Asset’s success is built on respect for each individual.
    It is our aim to create a true meritocracy in which talent and
    achievement are rewarded and opportunity is equally
    available to all.

  • Citizenship

    At Mirae Asset, we are profoundly aware of our responsibilities.
    As good corporate citizens, we aim to give back to the
    communities in which we live and actively support and
    participate in a range of initiatives within them.

Member of Mirae Asset Financial Group

  • 15

    Global Markets

  • 12,800+

    Global Markets

    (inc. Financial Consultants from Life Insurance)

  • $369bn+

    Total AUM

*Group-wide data as of September 2019

Founded in 1997, Mirae Asset is one of the largest independent financial groups in Asia, providing comprehensive services to clients
worldwide – including asset management, wealth management, investment banking, and life insurance. Today, Mirae Asset has a presence in 15
global markets and the group’s managed assets worldwide exceed US$369 billion (as of September, 2019).

Mirae Asset is a leading international financial services group that helps people achieve their financial objectives easier and lives better.
Our unwavering principles and core values define our focus, and our strong track record as a trusted financial services provider has positioned
us for a successful future. Dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of clients, Mirae Asset will continue to pursue relentless innovation and
expand our capabilities with a forward-looking and pioneering approach.

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